Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Product Summary

Take a trip to the 24th century and enjoy a robust Ferengi Wine with us. Within Quark's Grill & Arcade Bar, located on the Promenade (known as starbase to the DS9 fans), you can finally get your hands on intergalactic wine for all taste buds to enjoy.
We chose the rankings of The Ferengi Alliance as emblems of identification for our Dry to Sweet scale of the products. Formally the badges with one chevron symbolize a salesman of the third class, two symbolize a salesman of the second class, and three (the third one wider than the regular two) indicate a salesman of the first class, like an assistant manager. The last version of the badges tattoo was never seen on the actual show. Yet in our branding no chevron symbolizes a Dry wine, one chevron symbolizes a Semi-Sweet wine, and two symbolize our sweetest rendition.

With that in mind, un-Quark a bottle of our intergalactic cocktail & enjoy your night spent in the intoxicating Star Trek galaxy.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Weekly Debrief

     Been waiting over 48 hrs for Autodesk to approve my student trial, until then I have just been staring down my frenengi logo which I plan to my already mocked-up wine cork from Quarks bar. Here are screenshots of my progress on the frenegi logo so far. The screenshots of my cork are on my laptop and will be uploaded shortly.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Weekly Debrief:

Project 3 : Star Trek the Undiscovered Models

     I plan to combine the artillery used in Star Trek with an adapter to accept various sizes of the modern smart phone. I believe that in the Star Trek fandom, they refer to their guns as Phasers. I'm basing my phone application process off of my air-vent phone holster to my car. I use this item almost everyday and understand that most clips include a set of hinges/springs to make it adjustable. I have found an stl online that is an adjustable phone holster, yet it includes no springs or resistance so I am interested to see what else I can find to solve that obstacles. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Weekly Debrief

     Very excited for critique on my currently printing Chimeras! For the Scorpion/Grenade I am printing in Blue transparent resin. It is Sea 3D's first time using this material in a print and they are excited to see the result. 

     Returning to my blog, I realized I had never updated the site to include some photography of my CNC project. Some pictures are available below:


In Addition I got my 3D prints back! Here they are compared to my original concept collage



Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Weekly Debrief

     Approaching the end of Project 2, I am finding myself to be relatively happy with the pre-made sculpts I was able to acquire based off the obscure Chimeras I chose.

     I wish the scorpion tail would make a smoother transition from tail to grenade. I can hopefully accomplish this through sculpting and building up the tail more to meet the circumference of the end of the grenade. Having added on the legs to the spider (seen below the group collage) I also wish that they made more contact to the printing bed, for there is a communication barrier making the Chimera just sit on surfaces instead of actually looking like its crawling on the printing bed.

     As far as the Pharaoh Deer I think most of the mesh combination communicates very well.  Due to overcomplication, I trashed the succulent angle I was going to attempt on this Chimera and I think it was for the best. The only adjustment left to make on my Pharaoh is to connect the neck of the creature and make the transition as seamless as possible.

After these few minor clean ups it looks like we are ready to print!